Not sure if serious or sarcastic

Back in the 90s, when the internet connection took ages with all its boum boum boum thchchchchhc ding ding ding, I used to check my emails all the time, even though no one else around me had an email address yet. I became addicted to the internet almost instantly, but it took me a while to get the meme frenzy. In fact, I’m still not sure how you’re supposed to pronounce it: mimi, maymay, mime, anyway, I don’t necessarily need a name for a guilty pleasure. But every day, I need my shot of Socially Awkward penguins, face swaps and other demotivationals. I surf the web in search of the best Facepalm and the latest Kill yourself.

But what started mostly as a joke has become a parallel universe where I like to go cuddle in the funny vision of our twisted world. And I realised, recently, that behind all these memes, lies a real, quite smart approach to society. Yeah, that’s right, I find in the meme phenomenon nothing less than a sociological view of the world. We always think of the internet as the promised land for geeky / nerdy birdy / virgin weirdos but, make no mistake, it is far more complicated than that.

When you spend some time on the meme websites, you discover a pattern in the jokes, a pattern in the interests, and a pattern in the people. With all the advice animals, the facebook gems and the viral videos, you start to imagine some kind of a giant, average, octopus-like, meme connoisseur. Of course, the meme-lover is a guy. Well, mostly a guy, as you gather from all the self-portraits with boobs that are widely shared and many times liked. And of course, he is American. Well, mostly American. But more surprisingly, he is also into politics, he is not fooled by the powerful, and I’m pretty sure he is a Democrat. He likes cats, of course, but he’s also a dog person. He likes to laugh at others but certainly not as much as he likes to laugh at himself. He’s quite educated, open-minded, despises white-trash conservative talk, loathes common stupidity and is a little bit of a grammar nazi (what’s not to love?). He enjoys beautiful things, crazy inventions and breathtaking sunsets (with boobs). Also, what surprised me the most is that he is funny. I mean, really funny. Not funny like a two-year-old kid, not funny like a jerk, but very funny, and sometimes, in a pretty subtle way. And you know what, even if he likes to fool around and make fun of dumb people, I’m sure he’s a good guy, only waiting for his faith in humanity to be restored

So ok, maybe he is not geek in a Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-way, but I would totally date this average internet guy.


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