The sky is the limit

I should hate them. I really should. I should hate them and everything they are. But I don’t. I’m actually a huge fan of them. Them? Harvey Spector and Mike Ross from Suits. I am such a fan that I can’t wait for the next episode to air, but when it’s on, I can’t watch it, dreading to be left alone without the amazing feeling that I still have a brand new episode to watch.

Last time I was in love like this, it was with Chris Keller, the psycho-bisexual-perverted killer who is crusing in Oz. I must be getting old because after this bad boy experience, I chose two sharks swimming in Manhattan. Yeah, I love them both. They wear twelve-thousand-dollar suits, they almost live in their office, and they have to win all the time, just because, well, they are the best. Not really my type but what can I say? I always want to know what’s happening in their lives. Wanna grab a beer? How is your grandma doing? Wanna talk about those daddy issues? I care about them. A lot. Even more than my IRL friends.

But you see, I should hate that they only care for money, power and success. Well, no thank you, I am more into being average right now. And I know I have this weird releationship with work and it certainly makes me ambigious and jealous and disgusted at the same time when I see this strange world where everything is about leverage, poker faces, obnoxious attitude and very boring american laws. But it’s working. It’s more thrilling and addictive than most of the so-called thrillers you’ll see…

Actually I should hate this show only because, from the paralegal to the big boss, all the women are super hot in super revealing mad-men-inspiration dresses (oh but wait, this has nothing to do with Mad Men, Suits is actually brilliant). But even as I was, at first, annoyed by all those sexy female characters with perfect hair, I then realised that they are also suuuper smart, even smarter than the guys. And still, in this American-dream world, men must be very well dressed and manucured as well.

After a few episodes, you discover some humanity and even feelings in these oddly charming fiction characters but to be honest, I’ve been hooked from the very beginning, long before that, when it seemed to be only about winning cases, winning money, winning over people. Be a winner. So, I don’t like winners, I don’t like money, I don’t like lawyers, I don’t even like New York City that much and yet, I like them. I love them. I love them unconditionally and without any particular reason. I guess that’s what true love is.

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  1. Hector Cooper dit :

    the bottom page is the limit, right ? or is it the page bottom ?

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